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1.          What is your name/alias?

Rich McCoy

2.           Are you a developer, designer or both?

Hum, I’m a creative I do UI development to, but less & less these days, not out of choice but out of necessity as that’s just the kind of work I’m getting offered more
3.           Tell us a bit about yourself:

Graduated with a Degree in Fine Art back in the mid 90′s started working in multimedia (creating high end clip art, a bit of an oxymoron I know and no wander the company when under), built the companies first website in 96 and have been doing it since sometimes employed but mostly freelance. I live wherever I can and so far I’ve free-lanced from Australia, New Zealand, England & Ireland. I like film, design thinking, music, cooking, philosophy and my kids, don’t like getting bored, cliché’s and the smell of chocolate.
4.           What sparked your interest in the industry?

I was always interested in interaction during my Art Degree and created several interactive pieces with homemade electric guitars and other noise making tools, worked a lot with video and computers and it just seems like a good marriage between creativity, technology and humanity, and I like that.
5.           What’s your typical day?

Far too long, I wake up check my mail from bed on my IPod then get up sort out breakfast for the kids, see them off to school and start work, usually lunch at my desk, finish about 5:30 then back to work again at about 11pm though till 2:30 typical. There are usually 3 – 4 projects worked on in a day and dealing with enquiries.
6.           Who is your idol in the industry and why?

In this industry, na… there are some good folks out there but none that I idolise, I love the cover work of Vaughan Oliver and the 23 Envelope croud, they probably have had more influence on what I do then any one else working in the same field.
7.           What inspires you?

Play, a new challenge, something tricky.
8.           What’s your favourite piece of work?

The next one I do, I don’t tend to look back on what I’ve done, I don’t know why, I have always had that approach, I suppose I enjoy the journey of creativity more than the product, I really don’t know, I do think it helps me move on though and take on the next project with a fresh perspective not always comparing it to a favourite.
9.           How did you come up with your design for your site?

I wanted something that was simple and easy to update, but that contained a more personal hands on raw creativity, I love texture and noise and a large part of the influence for the sites composition is based in old Japanese Zen painting composition and aesthetic but not the details!
10.       What would you say to someone who is beginning to learn about the web?

Learn fast, be adaptable, have fun and stay current.
11.       What is your website address?

My primary address is but I also live at / / / and the list goes on and will continue to grow!

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