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I have not posted for a bit but I have been working on a new WordPress plugin. The plugin is currently called SB Project. The “SB” being my initials, but this will soon likely to change. What this plugin does is turn WordPress into a project and ticket management software. I first decided to do this as the one I use at work was not doing what we needed it to do and the new version of it that had been taken over by Woo Themes was $100. So I decided to create my own that would allow use to do much more.

So currently what I am wanting to get ready before it’s first launch is:

  • Create tickets
  • Create projects
  • Tickets to have extra data like priority, timeline and who is in control etc.
  • It needs to be able to have mail capabilities like mailing when there is a new reply. But also to be able to receive emails for new posts.
  • I have currently got other things working like a full take over of the Dashboard to have widgets that are useful to the plugin.
Because I am doing this a plugin and not a theme like Woo Themes does. It means that the template is more easily to do as you can download the plugin which I will have a pre-set theme created to go with it but you can create your own design without messing the plugin up.
To go with the themes I will be creating some widgets so you could display extra bits of information.
I still have a lot of work to do before I am ready to release it but hopefully this will be something that could be used by many people.

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