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On September the 18th I will be moving to Stafford. The reason I am going to university. I have decided to do a degree at Staffordshire University on the Stafford campus. I am doing Web Development BSc (Hons). I have decided to do this as I want a degree that says I can make a website.

What will I be doing in my first year:

  • Introduction to Software Development
  • Mathematics for Interactive Computing
  • Hardware, Networks and Servers for Interactive Computing
  • Web Design and Development
  • Object Oriented and Event Driven Programming
  • System Modelling
  • Web: Cause and Effect
  • Plus one general option (Unknown as of yet)

From looking at the modules in-depth I found out I am learning Java in two of the modules, which I don’t really understand. Would think PHP or even ASP.NET would be better but what can I do.

The first year is pretty much the basics (hopefully not to basic) and these are pretty much all core modules except the Web: Cause and Effect which I choose. In the second Year I will be able to do more modules geared towards web development.

So why did I choose Staffordshire? Well I liked the University and liked the course but I also was looking at York St John but decided to go with Staffordshire. The reason was that it was more geared towards web and it was closer home as can’t be too far away I still have to get my clothes cleaned.

So that is basically what I am going to be doing for the next four years of my life.

Before I go to university I wanted to get to know some more people as I knew a few from my college that are going and the place that I found to be the best to meet people is Staffs Uni Chat this forum is great as it allows you to ask any questions and also allows you to meet people in your hall at the Uni. But it also has an active IRC channel where a lot of us talk not just about the Uni but about anything. So if you are a student at Staffordshire you should go on and join in.

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