Expression Web Add-ins Update

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After some research I found the information on the Expression Web SDK this is what you need to make your add-in. The information provided shows that it is an DOM that you manipulate. So its like using JavaScript to manipulate a web page but you do it to the application it self. Now this sounds… Read more »

Expression Web 4 Add-ins

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Expression Web 4 has a new feature add-ins. Now this looks like its going to be a great feature as it allows developers to create “shortcuts” that will make it easier for other people to add code or working applications to their web sites. To create one yourself it looks really easy. All you need… Read more »

Microsoft Expression Web 4 – Review

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Microsoft Expression Web 4 (EW4) is the new version from Microsoft. EW4 is a text editor for web developers. This also allows you to do many other jobs other than just text editing. EW4 has three big new features that makes EW so much more than just an editor. These key features are an extensibility… Read more »

Sparkling Client

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I have started to learn Silverlight. After searching the web for different things to do with Silverlight I came across a Silverlight Podcast. Sparkling Client is all about Silverlight and other RIA technologies. I have started to listen to their latest podcasts and I am enjoying them very much. It is hosted by Erik Mork… Read more »