WordPress: Project Plugin

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I have not posted for a bit but I have been working on a new WordPress plugin. The plugin is currently called SB Project. The “SB” being my initials, but this will soon likely to change. What this plugin does is turn WordPress into a project and ticket management software. I first decided to do this as… Read more »

WordPress: Plugins

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WordPress plugins are very useful they allow you to alter the way WordPress works and adds extra functionality to your site. Plugins can come in different forms and act differently. So what types of plugins are available? Well we have Widgets, Admin, Background and Front End. Except for widgets these are the names that I… Read more »

Site Finally Updated

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Hello, my site has finally updated. I still have more tweaks to do and would like some feedback so I can improve it. But hopefully now I shall start doing some blogging. I have decided to do a series on WordPress. My series will have many different topics from creating a plugin to the functions… Read more »

IE Pinned Plug in Update

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So what have I been up to the last few days. Well mainly working on my plug in for WordPress. IE Pinned is a plug in for IE9. Sorry fellow Chrome users. The plug in basically makes your site to be pinned to the task bar if you have Windows 7. I have released a version 0.1… Read more »

IE9 and Site Pinning

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Yesterday I installed IE9. This is the only program that I know that when I installed it had to switch pretty much everything off. This is because it integrates into Windows. Which means that it has a few more features than other browsers. One of those features is Site Pinning.